Through Their Eyes..


So i'm sitting here searching through worldvision's site being completely astounded by the amount of abandoned children. I mean, they just have pages and pages and pages full of children to sponsor. While that is wonderful, it's also disheartening to think about all of those children that have yet to be sponsored. They're scared. They're hopeful. YOU can be the change that they're hoping to see. YOU can create a lasting relationship with them throughout the years, and YOU can learn something from the experience, too. First of all, you must know, that making the commitment to sponsor a child is a big deal. It's money every month to help feed and care for your child. It takes a lot of consideration and prayer. However, I promise you, the reward is much greater than any amount of money. You get a monthly report on how your child is doing. You get pictures annually of your child. You can donate more money for livestock or clothes. You can do so much to help these kids, and they're truly a blessing! =] If you'd like to learn more about the sponsorship of a child, you should visit : They're a site that lets you choose a child, donate and care for your child, while giving you updates along the way. They are a very honorable site and I give them my full support! Hope everyone is doing well.
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