Through Their Eyes..


I find that I spend most of my time lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I can be so tired at one point, so I go to bed and spend countless hours trying to sleep. So tonight, I decided to make a blog about what I think about while I lay here. First of all, I watched the CMT awards tonight, and it amazes me how genuinely talented some people are. It makes me happy to see how they've gotten so far. I think it would be truly amazing to be where they are. God is good.. I was looking around on WorldVision's website earlier reading some of the letters that sponsors have sent to their children, and sometimes it makes me want to cry: One, for the fact that people can be so selfless and help a child they've never even met, and Two: How some places can be so overrun with poverty that people can't even drink clean water. I hope someday that these problems can be solved. I was going to go grab my notebook, however I stubbed my pinky toe on the bed and now it's bleeding everywhere..Bandaids are definitely a blessing! =] When I think about poverty-stricken children, I think of a verse in Matthew "Heal the sick, raise the dead to life again, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have recieved, and freely you shall give." I think that means that as freely as i'm given clothes and food, I should give that right back to others that need it. I'm still chewing on that. You should too. I plan on taking a run in the moring, so I should get back to trying to sleep. Thanks for taking the time to read!
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